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[Sprites] Re: [Shadows] No Outside Food in the Prep Rooms at Hershey Lodge


FYI, the Beamer at the Hershey Lodge is closed until the end of March. I checked with the hotel they informed me that Fire and Grain opens at 6:30am and will have available the breakfast items the Beanery usually carries. 


Debbie Gladstone 

On Feb 11, 2020, at 9:03 PM, SCSSPO <scsscommunications@gmail.com&gt; wrote:

Bertha has asked me to send out this notice:

Our contract with Hershey Lodge states that the Prep (Meeting) Rooms will have NO outside food.  Anything not purchased from the Lodge, including Dunkin Donuts coffee, is not allowed.
They may have monitors watching or check garbages afterwards.
Bertha does not want to get an angry phone call or have us pay a fine for not following the contract.  Please follow the rule and pass this information to your skaters.
Thank you!

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